Glossary - Zerging

Zerging is a slang word used by gamers to define a group of players who are low-level that use their numbers for rushing the enemy and overwhelming them. Through such tactics, they achieve victory without relying on technique or strategy. The term was initially used in the context of online strategy and role-playing games like World of Warcraft (WoW) but is now also applies to multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) games. The process goes like so; players team up and form a group called a zerg, then they attack a specific player using their numbers to kill them. Through the actions they take damage in general but not fatal, hence leading to the term “zerging.”

Zerging in single-player games

In the context of single-player games, zerging refers to a player who uses massive amounts of simple fighting divisions during the first stages of a game to attack and defeat relatively small but power-wise, more powerful enemies.  


The word initially originated from the game Starcraft. In the game, you were a race of aliens called the “Zergs.” The goal of the game was to defeat enemies by spawning “Zerglings,” which were low-level units that used their numbers to overwhelm and kill them. As time went on, players started using the term in other games to call out Zerg like strategies.

Definition and Context

The term Zerging is a verb and a noun. The definition is using multiple players to target the same enemy to score a quick kill. Once victory is gained, then the term “they zerged their target” is used. The term is somewhat unappreciated and used offensively, and the group responsible for the action is called “Zerglings.”