Glossary - Z-Targeting

Z-targeting is a term used in video games that refers to the use of a lock-on button to assist the controls and make hitting competitors easier. Players lock on to characters, enemies, and objects using a particular button; L, Z, ZL, depending on the video game. The control method is used to interact with enemies in a more relaxed way, from a distance. This lock-on button works particularly well in FPS games. Therefore, it became a must for any 3D real-time combat game.

Games that Using Z-targeting

Assassin's Creed game series, Demon's Souls, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, Metroid Prime, Psychonauts, Parasite Eve 2, Star Fox Adventures, Phantom Dust, The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, Majora's Mask) are the strategy games where the lock-on system is mainly used.

The Legend of Zelda Video Games Series

In the Legend of Zelda video games series, using a lock-on button directs all protagonist's attacks towards the enemy. Targeting allows the camera to focus on the enemy and Link (the main character-Link) to freely walk around the target. While using Z-targeting pressing backward and forwards, make Link move further away from the target or closer to it. Some fight techniques, like the Jump Attack, as well as sidestep hops and backflips, can be completed only with the use of Z-targeting. 

Two Options of using Lock-On Button

There are two setting selections for Lock-on Button, which can be chosen on the Name Registration screen. They are "HOLD" and "SWITCH" options.

  1. Pressing "HOLD" allows the user to hold down the lock-on button for z-targeting a competitor. However, to release the button will unravel the lock. Players can find these settings from the Options menu on the Main menu. L-targeting also works the same.

  2. When the players press the button "SWITCH," it causes the enemy to stay locked even after releasing the Z-button.