Glossary - Wombo Combo

Wombo Combo is a term that used to mean the quick and total destruction of a team or a person. It can also be described as a fight of two players together in certain moves to damage or kill the enemy. Wombo Combo is also a combination of perfectly timed attacks in a video game that cannot be avoided or escaped. The moves compliment each other and create a perfect combo.

The origin of the Term 

The word originally derived from a youtube video that showed a Super Smash Bros Melee match. Since then, the term has become well-known in the Smash society. As an internet phenomenon, it also became adopted in other communities.  

Audios from the viral match are also often used in multiple remixes and parody videos to create the same effect. Nowadays, Wombo Combo is a word that players generally use in combat games, to do celebration or as a taunt to the other team. The term is also used to express effective combination moves in various video strategy games.

What Does Mean Combo in Online Video Games?

Combo (short version combination word) is a term that refers to make the character play specialized by pressing the keys quickly and repeatedly in fighting games. The term designates a sequence of actions, mostly with strict timing limitations. Combo provides a significant advantage for video game players. In different combat video game designs, combos can be specific, limited or infinite. These features are based on the player's patience, or finger ability.

Wombo Combo in League of Legends Video Game

Various multiplayer online combat games, including Dota 2 and League of Legends, have also used the "Wombo Combo" term. They used the word to refer to many teammates using powerful attacks to destroy an enemy with no chance of salvation.