Glossary - Waypoints

Waypoints are a set coordinates, a certain point at which your character changes its path. It is a reference point or a location on the path where the course changes. Navigation purposes in video-games for exploration, flanking, issuing orders or avoiding obstacles make use of it. In-game characters employ waypoints. A waypoint is an invaluable tool in the squad and strategy-based games.

Different Kinds of Waypoints

A movement point is the most common kind of a checkpoint. Each character or object has milestones so he moves in a particular direction till he reaches the last one – the position. There is also the Rallying waypoint. In strategy games, these are set to specify the position where a player must be present for a specific mission or where newly created objects should head. Lastly, there is an Attack waypoint. Players can give attack orders as waypoints. Until the enemy's complete destruction, the troops will not move to the next location.

Usage in Games 

Wanderers that a character wants to send out to the world have waypoints on them. This wanderer or scout has a specific path to traverse on the map. Thus using them, he can set this up and doesn’t have to micromanage the wanderer. In war games, these are used to set-up two or three-point entries in places where the character expects enemy troops. This way he can pay attention to the main enemy.

More Features

AI has come a long way but may pick up wrong paths sometimes. Waypoints can be near the obstacles so that the character avoids them. As a result, he will move in the desired direction only. Players can also employ them to give specific instructions to their squad. These instructions may be context-specific. Lately, waypoints or checkpoints have a green diamond symbol. Usage of this symbol is slowly becoming a standard practice.