Glossary - Video Game Design

Video game design refers to the artistic design of rules, guidelines, and content of video games. The game design comes into play when a game designer starts by setting a target for a player to achieve. However, getting the player from the start of the game towards the destination can be tricky.

Also, most importantly, how to get the player to have fun and enjoy the game is where the game design comes to play.

Game design is difficult to set the guidelines and rules that apply to all games because video games are different. A design game that works for a virtual casino game might not work for other video games. That's when the vital part of game design comes in. Everything in the game design must fit the gamer's expected experience.

Every game design must have a foundation, and three primary pillars that hold the foundation in place: communication, appeal, and the player. Understanding how the three components work is relevant to the success of the game. Essential questions that a game designer can ask is:

  1. What will be the player's role in the game?

  2. How will the player interact with the video game?

Two Relevant Points In Video Game Design

When playing a video game, the player needs to have direction and purpose in the video game. Also, it's relevant to know the player should be the one pushing the game forward. There are two crucial points to take note in video game design:

  1. It's usually not a good game design to make the game too sophisticated otherwise, it'll draw the players away.

  2. Game dynamic is lost when one change occurs at a particular point in the video gameplay. What makes the game more interesting is when multiple things are happening at the same time. It keeps the player's level of excitement high.

Generally, even though it's good to have many things happening at the same time, it's also better to have a progression in the game. It means not over-stimulating or under-stimulating the player. To achieve this, the game designer has to incorporate action-packed sequences coupled with calm courses. Video game design is a guideline and rules to make the game enjoyable. The game's success depends on how good the game designer uses these rules and guidelines.