Glossary - Unreal Engine Game Development

The Unreal Engine game development is a suite of game creation tools created for people working with real-time technology. This Engine belongs to the multi-platform game development sector. Epic Games developed it in 1998. Gaming represents a large sector of this industry, with its many companies, game genres, and continuous innovations. The market’s progress led to many self-taught gaming developers and also game development programs. Originally, developers programmed Unreal for first-person shooter games. Now you can apply it for platformers and fighting games. Its code is written in C++, meaning everyone can understand and use it.  

Besides, it is free, showing that the mother-company highly encourages new-startups and outsource game designers. However, it’s price doesn’t reflect its quality. Unreal perform at top quality and it is best suited for photorealistic games due to its outstanding graphic.  Unreal Engine game development specializes in realistic, interactive games, focusing on the details. Imagine real-life inspired 3D characters, built with beautiful features such as wrinkles or hair highlights. Any match created with this tool makes you forget you are in front of your PC.

A great example would be Fortnite. Unreal Engine developed this game and is trending for years in a row. Also, you can use the Unreal Engine for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality games. You can play with lighting and shadows and tens of creating settings. Unreal Engine game development tools allow you to make any idea come to life. You can add extra levels, secret bonuses, and even customize non-player characters. Unreal Engine uses an advanced artificial intelligence system and a multiplayer framework. Also, when it comes to finishing your work, you will never worry about rendering issues. Unreal uses a high-tech scalable platform built to support all game types. The most recent version is Unreal Engine 4, and it was released in 2014.