Glossary - Turn-Based Strategy Games

Turn-Based strategy games are a kind of strategy game that requires players to take turns while playing. It is sometimes get confused with Real-Time strategy games. The difference is that in turn-based strategy players are unable to attack or act before the opponent makes his or her turn. However, in real-time strategy games, all players can strike at any given moment and make their moves. Turn-based strategy games are not new inventions. For years people played many kinds of these games. For instance, one of the oldest turn-based game is board games. Board games such as chess, checkers are popular turn-based strategy games. This type is quite different from PC video games that have turn-based features because of their gameplay, strategies, and tactics.

Characteristic features

Turn-based strategy video games, all players have some tasks that they should complete. There are combat forces in warfare zone, and by using those players are attacking each other. Players can control the game through their armies — military tactics used in this type of strategy game. To take advantage of the shortages of your opponent, you need to have excellent military tactics before deciding to attack. The most famous turn-based strategy games are the Great Big War Game, UNI War, The tactical adventure, and Fire emblem.

Turn-based strategy games are famous for their high-quality gameplay. Turn-based games requirements for arts and modeling are not that high like other video games. That is why many developers mainly focus on gameplay design and tactics. There are some types of turn-based strategy games. For instance Board games, Indie TBS games, Browser TBS games are essential ones. Though all of those games are different from each other, the characteristic feature is the building strategy though playing.