Glossary - Trivia Game

Generally, a trivia game is any competitive video game where players have to provide answers to questions about interesting facts even though these questions might not be very important. They may be on different subjects and topics. Usually, questions on general knowledge often come up in trivia games. 

When playing this game, competitors usually have to amass scores to become the ultimate winner. As such, they are judged based on the high score at the end of the game. Some of these games are either based on familiar or popular subjects whiles they are times questions come from totally foreign sources, yet they aren’t difficult. 

Types of Trivia games

There are trivia games bordering on specific subject matters and others that are general in nature. There are two types of these video games. Some examples of specific trivia games are terminology quizzes. In this regard, professionals in a particular field such as law would competitive in a legal terminology trivia game. 

Here, all questions will require them to answer the definitions of terminologies in the legal field. And maybe fun facts about the history of law. 

On the other hand, you may have a general kind of quiz when competing in trivia games. Here questions come from any subject common to all competitors. There are many such games online. These allow multiple players to compete for the highest scores. This helps determine the mode of play. 

Modes of Play

Players or competitors in these games could either play remotely over the internet, their mobile phones, or in-person. Because of the simplicity of trivia games, they could either be through a medium such as a third-party app or between two friends in the comfort of their home.

All that’s required to play these games is a solid knowledge of general facts such as popular culture, history, science, or art.