Glossary - Torque Game Engine (TGE)

Torque Game Engine (TGE) is a 3D computer game engine. Initially created by Dynamix in 2001 for the game tribes 2, later, it was generated by GarageGames. Now, their releases are based on Torque 2D and Torque 3D. The release of Torque 3D took place in 2012, under the MIT license. Torque game engine is a comprehensive editing tool containing instruments such as sculpting terrain and coloring woods, painting lanes, and rivers. It backs the file format of Collada as an interface to a 3D automated content generation system. Other elements are standard and parallax occlusion mapping, depth of field, dynamic lighting, refraction, blurring, color correction and etc.

The History of Torque Game Engine

The first Torque game engine supplied scripting, networking code, GUI generation, and in-engine world adapting. The starter kit of the first version included a racing game and a first-person shooting game. Additionally, there was a real-time strategy starter kit, yet it was presented separately. The developer was able to change these kits according to his needs. Also, the kits allowed the developers to start it from zero. The engine backed the 3D types in the DTS and DIF form. DTS models were usually utilized for vehicles and personages and sometimes for architects and interiors. DIF models were mainly used for architecture and interiors.

Torque Game Engine Advanced

Torque Game Engine Advanced was an enhanced version of TGE established to back advanced systems such as massive terrains and shaders. The version was exploited in Xbox and Xbox 360 systems. In 2007, Marble Blast Ultra was the most popular game created in this engine. Many other games were released together with this game using TGE Advanced. Despite the fact that TGE Advanced backed the actual Torque Legacy Terrain, TGE Advanced integrated a totally new terrain, the Atlas Terrain Engine. Atlas utilized graphics processing unit hardware to deliver a massive terrain piece and its pattern. It permitted Atlas to escalate with faster software of the future.