Glossary - Tactical Role-playing Game

Tactical Role-playing Game is a genre of those role-playing games that allow pre-meditated, deliberate actions. The game genre roots from Chess. ‘Tunnels of Doom’ from 1982 is possibly the first TRPG. Unlike traditional RPG games, these games will require some strategic decisions made by the players. In tactical RPGs, the player’s actions hold supreme value. This is what makes them so thrilling. A single choice could determine whether he will live or die. A TRPG game is combat-centric, has level-ups, and has equipment that a player can use to win in a battle with the enemy. Such games fall under the genre of the turn-based game.

Components of a Tactical Role-Playing Game

The genre combines two different categories. Therefore, RPG features like the progress of character and temporary death are retained in TRPGs. However, combat techniques will be more complicated in these. Since these are turn-based games, a player makes definitive choices to lead him to victory against the enemy. Isometric graphics are widely employed in TRPGs. These help to set up strategic points in the games. Games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Arc the Lad, and Fire Emblem are the most popular in the genre.

TRPG – A Genre of Intellect

In tactical games, the focus is on the strategy. The game features like terrain tend to change too. Tactics are related to the battle a player is engaged in. The game development aims at challenging player’s rationality and engaging them. The narratives remain strong throughout the journey. However, exploration doesn’t play a significant role. The players are free to do almost everything to win.

A player has to ask himself questions like – How can I advantageously place my units? What are the enemy’s weaknesses? Can I make use of the height of terrain or obstacles? Thus, tactical role-playing games are not puzzles.