Glossary - Strategy Game Development

Strategy game development is a production of live or multiple player strategy games which involves critical thinking.  Strategy games are the games in which players are free to make autonomous decisions in it. Thus, these games require the tree of decision structure. For example, they should be ready to respond to all possible actions of the player. Gamers love to spend their time playing strategy games. Mainly, a wide variety of actions and choices makes strategy games more fascinating. Players like to think and build possible scenarios in the game. For this reason, strategy game development is one of the complicated and demanded fields of game development. Strategy games are usually more attractive as their script carries useful information for playing. Therefore, creative designers and scriptwriters of different game development companies work hard to develop a unique, exciting strategy game. Developers also work hard to organize the smartphone game development process flawlessly.

 Preparing a unique strategy game is a very challenging task. Most of the strategy games are similar. Their main idea is that you are the owner of a country or city or kingdom, and you should develop and improve the economy of your land. This script might be differentiated from game to game with additional features. These additional features add challenges and missions to the game. For example, in some storytelling games, you are the king of the land, and you should develop and improve your kingdom, whereas you are under attack of other kingdoms. Moreover, in some other games, the main idea of the games itself is that you are conquering other lands and building a large empire.

Considering the script, graphics, design, decisions of these kinds of games, the team of developers handles the whole complicated process of video game development. Everything starts by writing a storyline for the game. The storyline should contain various scenarios in order to make the game more interesting. In the example of the conqueror game, one of the possible scenarios might be gaining many lands but being economically weak. Eventually, it might result in losing the empire, which means losing the game. 

Another example might be being financially strong small empire but being able to resist the attacks of invaders. Thus, developers of the game should consider all these scenarios during strategy game development. The fascinating part of the strategy game is that you are free to play as you want.