Glossary - Spawn Point

In games, players come to life at the initial stage. This stage is where the narrative will begin. The place where the player originates is called a spawn point. During the gameplay, a character may inevitably die. While spawning or pop is the process by which the character comes to life, respawning is the recreation of the dead game character. The location at which the role-player is born or reborn is known as ‘Spawn Point’ in the gaming language. Spawning was first introduced in the game ‘Doom’ – an action game from 1993.

Spawning of Entities

Spawn points are those locations in which a team appears first in a level. The particular level’s narrative starts from this point. A specific squad is assigned common spawn locations. In some instances, players may choose their spawn points. Often, players may strategically set camp at enemy spawn locations and kill them as they appear. However, this is not an ethical practice. Throughout the game, there may be various spawn locations. There may be one fixed location for a session at the starting point, and more respawning points at other junctions.

Spawning of Objects

Objects, too, like game characters, are introduced in a game. It is known as Object Spawning. During game development, the decision has to be taken as to when to spawn objects. One wouldn’t want to create too many objects during the gameplay. It makes organizing the objects very difficult. Thus, the pooling technique is employed to spawn objects. Later, these objects are connected to scene events. As a result, a game becomes responsive to a player’s actions. This is a good sign as audiences most favor intuitive games. The locations where objects appear first are known as spawn points.