Glossary - Spam

Spamming in video gaming refers to the repetition of the same action. There are various types of this action, including weapon spamming, grenade spamming, chat spamming, skill spamming, move spamming, sandbox spamming, and spawn spamming.

Grenade Spam

Grenade Spamming refers to throwing more than one grenade into someplace. There are 2 different versions of grenade spam:

  1. The first one happens when a single gamer usually acquires grenades with the help of hotkeys and throws them without moving in a combat game design

  2. In the second variant, a player or group of gamers all throw a large number of grenades into a place. When a lot of gamers spam the same territory, it is almost impossible for the enemies to outlive or survive without any wounds.

In addition to throwing the best explosive grenades in pc gaming, there is another option, such as smoke grenades spams. These types of grenades can entirely eliminate vision and lag the server.

Chat and Skill Spamming

Chat spamming is the repetition of a line or specific word typed by a gamer using the chat system of the video game. Several video games allow the players to turn off the text after a certain number of messages. In video games, skill spamming refers to the style of repeated use of one low-cost or powerful spell or skill.

Sandbox and Spawn

Sandboxes spamming are specific areas that allow every player to create scripted items. Spawn spamming, on the other hand, involves spamming a competitor's spawn point with gunfire. The locations of the enemies can be destroyed by bullets, grenades, and proximity mines.

Weapon and Move Spamming

Weapon spamming includes using a vast amount of munitions.

In combat, video games move spamming is very widespread. This spam option involves using the same set of moves repeatedly. Generally, move spams have superior damage and speed. Therefore, it can be hard for the players to block them.