Glossary - Slot Machine Graphics

Slot machine graphics are combinations of central and graphical processing units used to play slot machine games. Slot graphics have evolved over time and progressed with modern technology. 


In early slot machine games, developers used text characters for slot graphics. In those slot machines, players could read descriptions of the slot gameplay rules and more within the simplest versions. Randomization in those games was not quite like today’s slot machines. Text slot machine graphics were easy to create and manage than games with vector graphics; that is why slot developers used them for like twenty years from the nineteen seventies to the nineteen nineties. Many amateur developers still use these slot graphics with texts to gain experience and familiarize themselves with an old school programming language. 

Various types of SMGs

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics in slot machines mean the use of geometrical primitives in games such as points, lines, and curves instead of resolution-dependent graphics that represent figures in computers.  In the late nineties, slot games with vector graphics become a trend, and slot machines started to use it frequently. Slot machine games that have vector graphics use full-color overlays since arcade-type fruit slots. 

Full Motion Video Graphics in Slot Machines

Full motion video graphics started from the nineteen nineties and became even more popular in casino gaming platform after some slot machine games started to apply this on their slots. Several slot machine games utilized full motion graphics, which lead to success for gaming companies because full motion graphics were very effective to improve the gameplay, design, colors, and implementation of the games. 

2D, 2.5D, 3D 

2D video game graphics in slot machines allowed players to see the screens, objects, reels, switch to bonuses, and more. Though it was not enough to really enjoy the game, that is why slot machines switched to two and a half dimensional graphics. In these slot games, players could see the ¾ projection of the actual reels on the slots. After two and a half dimensions, slot machine graphics evolved and utilized 3D projections.  3D projection in slot machines allowed players to enjoy slots that look and operate like video games with ease.