Glossary - Simulation Game Development

Simulation game development is a development of a genre of computer games where the basis of gameplay is the imitation of any action. With the existence of simulation games, everyone can taste a wide variety of roles. Just by one mouse click, you can try everything that you have never tried to do in the real world. The first simulation game "Spasim" was created in 1973 by Jim Bowery. It was a multiplayer game with a maximum number of 32 players.

Moreover, the first game in the genre of flight simulator was Microsoft Flight Simulator, appeared in 1979. Today, there exist different types of simulation games, including sports, military, politics, economics, etc. However, at the beginning of the simulation game development, such games were created for a different purpose. The main aim was to secure and simplify the training procedure of people responsible for high-risk activities. Even now, a considerable amount of pilots, engine drivers and astronauts continue to gain experience with the help of similar programs and games. Besides, the simulation games in a genre of life simulator are standing in the leading places of the popular games. Here, you can meet construction and management simulation games. Playing such kind of game, the user can create, expand, and manage financial institutions existing in virtual life.

Nowadays, with the high speed of technology development, simulation games have also increased their capabilities. Accordingly, such games can deal with the considerable gaming sphere and can surprise players with an incredible quality of graphics and sounds. In a word, playing simulation games, you can quickly become an experienced surgeon, rocket flyer, a severe boss, or even a strict teacher. The realism of the atmosphere allows people to get a lot of pleasure and evaluate their abilities. Simulation game development is always exciting and in high demand.