Glossary - RPG Game Design

RPG game design is the establishment of the visual structure of role-playing video games and applications. Role-playing games are one of the oldest game structures in the entertainment industry. The context is to take the role of a fictional character in the game and to make decisions according to the scenario of the game. Most of us have played the most famous RPG game in the switch – Super Mario in our childhood. So the tabletop structure is the most well-known type of RPG game. In this game type, the organizer gathers players around a table. The role of the gamer is to manage the playing strategies of character in the game. We mostly recognize tabletop structure from card games like durak, poker, and blackjack. 

These games have very traditional gameplay structure and simple requirements. Game developers can manipulate gamers only with some iconic characters and exciting design. Anyway, visuality is not a significant factor in tabletop games because the target group is specific. Sports games mostly have RPG game design. In a football video game, you manage the game from the perspective of the head coach in pre-game. In the game, you control each player separately. Other sport branches also have their RPG games such as basketball, tennis, boxing, etc. They differ from tabletop games from their mobility, because in such games you manage the movements of the character. 

Therefore, visuality is more complex and advance in such sports games. Some war games also have an RPG game design. Players take the role of the warrior in the game and make decisions for winning. This type is the live-action of RPG games. Super Mario is one of the most famous projects created in this type. The perfect live-action war game should have an exciting scenario and high-quality visual effects. Therefore, the Stallion gaming company has a specialized development team in role-playing game design. Customers confidently order their projects and get a successful project from the team.