Glossary - RPG (Role-Playing Games)

Role-playing games are a video game where players can control gaming characters that are operating in an imaginary world. Defining RPGs are hard because many video games go with the path of this genre. Some video games have hybrid functions with Role-playing games.

Features in RPG

In traditional RPG, there are several features that almost all of them contain. For example, the first characteristic is regarding levels and characters. RPGs are based on character development through leveling up. Players are improving their standings after playing and advancing in-game timeline. The second attribute of RPGs is the menu of the games. In these games, you will have a combat system as the leading indicator of the list. 

Moreover, the last attribute is the central quest. Characters develop, and they are trying to reach the final journey through this long process. Role-playing games have various types that contain many exciting features, such as explorations, quests, combats with enemies and various character actions. Origin of the Role-playing game came from the simple pen and paper role-playing games. Video games started to use this concept as a basis, additionally, they improved some of the key features and added some.

Types of RPG

Before that, RPGs did not have the dicing, animated battles, and combat menus, turn-based strategy building, etc. Role-playing games have action, strategy, adventure, and online types. In action type, games based on real-time battles among various characters. In strategy RPGs, those battles take place on strategic maps. While playing adventure types of RPGs, players can collect different guns, clothes while trying to survive. Besides the last type is online RPGs, in which the multiplayer function allows players to play from any distance and discover the game while fighting with opponents.