Glossary - Roguelikes

The term roguelikes refers to a subgenre of role-playing video games. In these types of games which are described by a dungeon crawl through turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, procedurally generated levels, and the permanent death of the character. Roguelikes games are mostly based on fantasy narratives. Such games reflect their influences from tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. 

Roguelikes game design

Almost all roguelikes games give the player full control of his or her character. These characters can be fully customizable by selecting their race, genders, class, and by adjusting the character's points and skills. MMO game development can also feature roguelikes game designs due to the fact that most MMO games are fantasy based. Usually, during the start of the game, the character will be stationed at the top of a dungeon setting. Using essential equipment like armor, food, torches, and a simple weapon, the players must descend more in-depth into the dungeon. 

Like most fantasy-based role-playing games (RPG), the character must collect treasures and chests filled with armor, more powerful weapons, potions, food, in-game currency, scrolls, and much more. It would also be impossible to think of a roguelike game without monsters that roam the game level design. The player must defeat the monsters to raise the character level and earn more money. Killing various level monsters also rewards players with experience points that they can use to level up. Through experience points, the player can improve the character's magic capabilities, hit points, and many other skills. Defeating major monster bosses can cause them to drop treasure chests that can be looted by the player to gain power ups. The main attribute of roguelikes games, which is permadeath, is achieved when a player loses all of his or her hit points. Upon death, the player will need to restart the game with a brand new character.