Glossary - Replayability

Replayability, or otherwise known as Replay Value, is the measure of a video game’s likelihood for continued play after the completion of the entire game. Major factors that determine the replayability of video games are alternate endings, extra characters, and secrets. On the other hand, the replay value can also depend entirely on the taste of players and how developers mean to market the game. An individual may or may not decide to repeat a game due to tastes in graphics, music, product loyalty, or gameplay. However, factors like challenging AI, different ways to accomplish missions, dynamic environments, and an abundance of in-game assets increase replayability. This is why game developers pay particular attention to these aspects of game development.

Reasons Players Replay Games

Generally, games with linear plots have lower replayability. Mainly due to the limited course of actions available for characters to take. Hence, games such as strategy games, management sims, constructions, or roguelikes offer players more choices during gameplay. Therefore, such games have higher replayability. Replaying the game is more enjoyable and less monotonous since, because of the unpredictability and new experiences. Another key determinant of replay value is multiple classes. This is when a game can allow gamers to play as different characters each time to choose to replay the game.

Replayability in Gameplay

Also, multiple characters, games like Commandos, allow players to control the leader of a group of characters and other members of the group. These strategy games may restrict access to members of the character team until the player unlocks them. In this case, it is unlikely that players can easily play all the characters in the first sitting. Hence, the multiple character feature also increases the replayability of our game. A new character comes with new ways of overcoming obstacles and complete missions in new ways. Games with this feature are designed such that certain levels can only be reached with particular characters. Overall, game replayability depends primarily on the individual, game plot, and multiplicity of character options.