Glossary - OHKO

OHKO means knocking out the rival at one move. The extended version of this short term is one-hit knockout moves. These are the moves that rivals make to hit one another and make them faint. There are a lot of fighting games that game developers use one heat knockout method to make the players feel as if they are fighting in a virtual environment via the help of the roles or hero in the online games.

When players use this defense method to protect themselves from the hits of the opponent, their HP falls into zero, and they faint. 

What Does HP Mean?

Game creators use this term to indicate the amount of health that each character has. There are individual points where game developers locate a tab where it is possible to witness how many health points each player has. The more one rival hits the second one, the more the other competitor will lose health points. In this case, one of the players having the lowest health indicator will lose the virtual game. 

Negative Sides of OHKO Hit

There are drawbacks to one-hit knock out method as well. One of them is the low rate of accuracy. It can become approximately 30 percent. The reason for this kind of accuracy can be attacks as well as items that players apply while playing online games. So, if the player targets a high level, then practicing this move can fail.

Positive Sides of OHKO 

OHKO can sometimes be beneficial for players on how to play virtual fighting games. It can protect one rival from another one by just hitting once. However, to use this technique properly, game players should try to play various kinds of online fighting games, whether on computers or PS to develop their strategy skills.