Glossary - New Game Plus

New Game Plus, also known as New Game+ and NG+ is a game mode that can be unlocked. NG+ is available in certain video games. It enables the player to begin a new game once they complete it. For this, they have to complete the game at least once. Several features of New Game+ are not available in the first game, yet some features from the first game are added to New Game Plus. Also, numerous characteristics of the completed game impact the unlocked game. For instance, experience acquired in the first game. New Game+ is called “challenge mode”, “replay mode” or “New Game Ex.” It is mainly typical for role-playing games. 

The History of New Game Plus

For the first time, games such as “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” used NG+ in their content. However, the term was originally utilized in the video game called “Chrono Trigger” This game mode is mostly usual for role-playing games. Here, beginning a New Game Plus will have the characters of the game start the new mode with statistics with which they finished the first game. New Game+ eliminated the major elements relevant to the story so that they do not spoil the evolution of the game. The player receives them back when he or she needs them. In the same way, characters which the player gains through the game will disappear, too. They will come back in the expected time and place with increased statistics from previous play.

Examples of New Game Plus

Games like “Chrono Trigger,” which have numerous endings, may let players probe multiple endings. The majority of games raise the level of difficulty in New Game Plus plays. Further, certain games change the established gameplay. They do it by unlocking new elements, such as in the series of “Metal Gear,” unlocking new characters, such as in “Castlevania: Lament of Innocence,” and so on.