Glossary - Mobile Platforms Games

Mobile platforms games are sub-genres of action games on mobile phones. Those games controlled through characters who intend to jump, run into platforms, and go through challenges. While the character is avoiding obstacles throughout the game, players can win in mobile platforms games. Besides, there are objects such as stairs, floor, ledges that these type of games has. 

History of Mobile Game Platforms

Mobile platforms game first designed in the late nineteen eighties, which means that platform games are one of the oldest video game types ever. The term of platforms was not very common until the 20th century. Mobile platform games are trendy in many parts of the world. The reason for that is the video platforms that people were playing in gaming consoles. The same games offered to users but in mobile platforms, and that is an essential feature of these games. 


The mobile game platform is not like auto runners. Thus they are defined as sub-genres of action games. In these games, players can control some aspects to advance to the next round. For instance, height or the distance of the jumps are all up to the player. They should take measures in order not to fall on traps and lose the game. Jump buttons are essential for mobile platform games. In the touch screen of the modern Android or IOS mobile devices, players can swipe or use jump buttons to play these types of mobile games.


Mobile platforms games are improving and adding new exciting features. They have character development and leveling features that resemble role-playing games. Additionally, other genre video games are affecting platforms games. Mobile platforms games can be both single and split-screen. In individual screen platforms, games players can move around on one screen while jumping through obstacles. However, in the split-screen, players can move further. One of the most popular mobile platforms games is Super Mario, which is also a single screen platform game.