Glossary - Mobile Game Development

Mobile game development is the process of creating entertaining apps or programs for smartphones of different operating systems. According to Nasdaq Stock Market, the modern game industry will worth about 129 billion dollars till 2020. At the same time, over half of this stock price will belong to the mobile game development sector. Due to the technological advancement of the mobile industry, these estimates take place precisely in the upcoming years. It is a fact that the industry has evolved sorely through global technological innovations. Although there were some restraints that embowered the industry, developers have successfully overcome them with various methods. 

Thus, most of the limitations, such as battery usage, access troubles, heating issues, narrow storage, etc. could find their solutions. The rest of them have recuperated noticeably. On the other hand, an expanding number of mobile gaming platforms make the smartphone game development sector an inseparable party of mobile devices. As a result, regardless of their various services, all of the mobile phones offer their users multiple games. Game development is one of the branches of game development sectors with unique features such as customization, operating system (Android OS, IOS, etc). For instance, mobile game developers have to consider both technical and non-technical factors of the developing process. 

They should define each aspect of the game design based on the model of mobile devices. Moreover, the methods for developing mobile games and solutions also vary through mobile phones. Unlike casino games, the most significant issue on mobile game development is that both game schemes and trials take part in the process. As you have already known, most successful applications are the ones which can receive the highest number of downloads and players. However, we should consider that not all of the users have smartphones with a touch screen, which increases the productivity of the apps. It is a fact that the touch screen makes even the most difficult games more playable.