Glossary - Metastory

A metastory is a single, expanding storyline that includes different media formats and narratives. In a metastory, all these various aspects combine under the umbrella of a single storyline. Though all the different media formats will have their unique characters and strengths, they all have the same storyline canvas. Their goal is to showing that specific part of the metastory to the target audience. Therefore, metastory is the result of high-level storytelling applied to across the different avenues currently at their disposal. Usually, these different formats take up 70% of the larger story.  However, the remaining 30% constitutes unique needs based on narrative content.

The Nature of Metastory

The nature of a metastory is in its deliverance. And how it gives the audience tangible reasons to experience all the different formats of the story. Leading to different iterations of the original storyline. Also, an exponential increase in the commercial and creative results, and a prolongation of the life span of the franchise. This creates a far-reaching effect. Such as the likes of how Andy Warhol and Keith Haring’s influence changed the world of art and print forever through their creative voice. In this sense, metastory calls on the combination of different competencies. Some of which are art, writing, play, and many others to the full divulge a story to the audience.

Audience Frist

For a metastory to achieve its purpose, it needs to identify with a particular audience and develop a deep meaning for the audience. Hence only then can it be narrated in any format or form. So, all correctly crafted metastories delivered well have the same distinct feature. In that, the audience doesn’t see the different formats as different expressions. Irrespective of the various form a good video game or franchise takes, the audience finds meaning and empowerment in the metastory. Therefore they are willing to fully immerse in it and live it in as many ways as they possibly can.