Glossary - Magic Points

Magic Points is a term that refers to a power that is assigned to a character in a video game. That shows the level of their magic powers. These powers can be spells or special abilities that the player can use once they have reached a set point.

The level of magic is most often measured in magic points or sometimes mana points. The player can come across the indicator written as MP, which is short for magic points. Depending on the role play game (RPG), some abilities will consume different amounts of magic points. In most games, when the magic points of a character drop to zero, he or she will not be able to use any abilities until the magic points have been recovered. 


Just like a health indicator in other video games, magic points might be displayed as a numeric value. This value may be something like 60/100; in this example, the 60 indicates the current amount of magic points, whereas the 100 is the maximum amount the character may stock at a time. In some instances, the magic points can be displayed visually as a gauge that upon the usage of the points empties and then fills back up again. 

Some abilities and skills are not lost during gameplay. Because of this type of game development, experts may use a magic points system to limit the use of special powers. Through such barriers, the player will have to wait a while before his or her magic points replenish, and the player can continue to use them again. Also, one of the main reasons why game developers use the magic point system is to limit players from using their abilities indefinitely and create more challenging and exciting game settings.