Glossary - Leadwerks Game Engine

Leadwerks game engine is one of the platforms to build games. Different from its alternatives, this game engine prides itself for the convenience of usage and learning. 

Game engines aid developers to create high-quality and engaging games. The game engine offers readily available functionalities. Hence, the game programming process takes less time, cost, and effort. 

The engine is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. It is a platform that targets specifically PC. Hence, for the mobile version, it is not available. Leadworks allow developers to use C++, Python, or VB.NET programming languages. Lua programming language provides scripting and OpenAL solution is for the audio. 

As mentioned before, Leadwerks focuses on making the game development process easy. Hence, it offers three layers for developing. As a result, it targets to ease the learning curve. Besides, one can formulate simple games without comprehensive knowledge of programming in this platform. This benefit comes from the flowgraph system and visual editor of the Leadwerks game engine. If one wants to use low-level programming, then he can use the C++ programming language. On the other hand, developers can establish custom designs and more advanced features. Then they can use the Lua scripting.

One should also consider that this engine is not for free. To get its license from the Steam distribution platform, people should pay 99$. However, in return for this price, developers will get an engine that assists them in the creation of 3D and virtual reality games. Also, after getting a license, one can develop as many games as he wants without extra fees. Even there is no need for a splash screen. 

Besides, the providers also created a community to let users share their experiences. Here, interested people can view the tutorials. The Leadwerks game engine platform promises that tutorials teach everything needed to know. Additionally, it will even help people without prior knowledge in the gaming field.