Glossary - KPI: A Key Performance Indicator

KPI: Key performance indicator is the measurement of the company website's general efficiency and performance over a period of time. KPI is something that has always been in our lives. We have ever had such indicators from our childhood, our youth, and the days we spent in business life. It looks like it's going to happen all our lives. The KPI is an abbreviation of Key Performance Indicator. The most general definition of the target means. In a more accurate description, KPI is the more systematic, measurable equivalent of the goals that have a place in every period of our lives. KPIs are the most critical part of performance management is a process that extends from the fearful dream of most employees to warnings, promotions, even dismissals. 

It is one of the best methods that can be applied to keep the development and increase the performance of the employee. Today, although KPI perceived as pressure by many employees, the benefits of both the company and the employee are undeniable. KPIs are one of the essential parts of the performance management process. The most critical aspect of KPIs is how to identify these indicators, such as the game programming process. The wrong targets can cause harm rather than a benefit for both employee and manager. Loss of self-confidence of the employee, feeling of failure, the low motivation that can see if KPI: A Key Performance Indicator did not correctly identify. Therefore, there are some points to consider when determining KPIs.There are realism, measurable, timing.

The most important consideration when determining the KPI is to identify it with the employee. KPI should be realistic at first. Employee's capacity, competence, success in the previous period, health status, even psychological state should observe, and the goal should be determined accordingly. Another critical point of KPI is that the objectives are clear and measurable. For example, investigating any subject cannot be an indicator of game development. To be considered as a target, a target must have a numerical result or a measurable value. In other words, even if the goal is not entirely numerical, it must be at least specific, that is to say, a particular issue. Another parameter related to KPI is time. Especially our language, which is a concept from the 2000s, "deadline" has an essential place in the KPI scene. It means that each target, i.e., every key performance indicator, must have a deadline. How much time should achieve as much as the goal is one of the things to measure work and success. Remember, KPI is not about everything; it's about measuring the right thing.