Glossary - Frames Per Second

Frames per second (FPS) refers to how a video game runs smoothly on a device such as a console, a PC, or a smartphone. The more frames packed in a second, the smoother a game will run on the screen. Likewise, if the frames per second are low, say 30fps, then the video game will be slow and clumsy.

Frames per second is a useful method to evaluate the gaming performance of hardware. For example, if a game's performance is slow, the frame per rate can help determine which graphic settings to lower. It can help in boosting the performance of the game.

The frames per second affect the style, viewing, and playing experience of online casino games as well. Different FPS results in different gambling experiences. Which means it can either turn players away or let them experience a great game.

The best frame rate per second does not exist. Different FPS comes with varying outcomes, which means choosing the best FPS depends on the type of game developed and the type of gaming audience.

FPS is a simple concept, but there are controversies as to which frame rate is the best for the online gaming experience. However, when choosing which frame rate is the best choice, there're four things to consider: style or realism, motion, file size, and delivery.

Many factors determine a game's frame per second. The higher the FPS is, the better. A low frame rate in online games can lead to a lot of problems during a gaming session. For example, a low frame rate can result in a frozen screen, which can make the game unresponsive which many players find annoying.

In the end, the exciting gaming experience is partly dependent on the game's frames per second. If a game is not having the desired frames per second to run smoothly, players can lose interest in the game.