Glossary - Frame Rate

Frame Rate is the frequency at which sequential images called frames appear on display.

It refers to the rate at which a video camera captures in a second. Frame rates also can be called a burst rate or update rate. Update rate applies not only to video games and computer graphics but to all motion capture systems, including video and film cameras.

Why Frame Rates Important?

Update rates are measured in Frames per Second (FPS). For professional gamers, their PC's frame rate is the highest priority on their list. It plays a crucial role in both non-competitive and competitive gaming experiences. Especially in-game tournaments, achieving high FPS is an essential key to gain winnings. 

In its simplest terms, the number of FPS means observing images earlier. In a 30 FPS speed game, each image remains on the screen for 0.033 seconds. However, if the speed goes up to 60 FPS, each image will change after 0.016 seconds. While there is no significant difference in single-player games, in the match between two players with the same internet speed, the user using the 60 FPS computer can react to 0.016 seconds earlier. Therefore, for a real gamer, playing real-time strategy games on a high-quality monitor with a good burst rate is a definite must. If the user doesn't have these required features, then his opponents will see the game scenes faster and leave him behind.

Best Frames Per Second for Gamers 

There is no problem as long as the player uses around 30 FPS in the games. However, if it falls below 25 FPS, the game will start to irritate the gamer's eyes. Unlike below, FPS switching between 40 and 60 will enhance eye pleasure. To achieve high frame rates, users have to upgrade their hardware and set the PC graphics settings of the games.