Glossary - Frag

Frag is a commonly used video gaming term that refers to a successful kill in first-person shooter death-match games. It is the number of men the player kills in multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike and Quake III Arena.

Origins of the term Frag

Like many other video game terms, the origins of this word are also not clear. As the usage, implementations, and modes are different in various games, each player perceives this word differently.

Some people claim that the term "frag" was first used in the Vietnam battle. Some resources point out that the word was used to describe a soldier murdered by a grenade. However, others state that this word was used in wartime to define the use of a fragmentation grenade "to stop the effort of any military officer to make contact with the enemies." As a result, there are a lot of contradictions as to the meaning of this word from this time.

According to the players, this video game term originated from the word "fragging." It indicates to murder a military officer with the use of a fragmentation grenade. However, this is not fully verified information.

Therefore, it also might be an innocent introduction to how many personalities could be blown into small pieces (fragments) by a proper gun. It is equivalent to the word "kill" or "murder." When the players kill their opponents in the game, they prefer to call it a "frag" rather than a kill. The term also can be used as a verb as in "that man fragged me before I was ready to play."

Players' Favourite Word

Frag is the favorite word of the war-themed video game lovers. Therefore, the term was popularized by the players who like to rack up the most kills in war games.