Glossary - Foozle

Foozle is used to describe the generic title of the final boss characters in video games. For example, “in the last level, I killed the Big Foozle.” In video games, the game evolves through levels. At the early stages of the game, you play against weak enemies, which lead the way for you to fight big Foozle at the end. The Foozle in those games is a significant computer-controlled foe that aims to kill you. A fight with a foozle is called boss fight or boss battles. Foozle battles turn out to be hard for players because the level of boss fighters is usually double or triple the average power of other game characters.

Foozle Character

In video games, Foozle characters have advantages over other players and personalities. For example, in most of the Run ‘N’ Gun type video games, players fight with regular enemies who use pistols or even knives. When it comes to the Foozle, he comes up with a machine gun and starts tearing you down. A boss character of the game usually featured as a bigger, taller, more equipped, and a scary one. If players get to the final round for the first time, it is almost impossible to compete with the Foozle for that player. Players need adequate preparation, logical, practical strategies to fight with the Foozle at the end of the game.

Types of Foozle Bosses in Video Games

Foozle characters are of three different types. They are mini-boss, super boss and the final boss. A mini foozle is a little bit weaker character that can encounter you at the beginning of the final stage in the video game. The super boss is generally stronger than other boss types though, in most of the video games, it is optional to encounter it. Most of the time, you need to compete with the super boss because of additional rewards such as coins, a crystal that you want to collect. The final big Foozle is generally the strongest and primary antagonist of the video game story. To defeat the ultimate boss is the most satisfying thing that players can get from those types of games.