Glossary - First-person Shooter (FPS)

First-person shooter (FPS) is the collective name for all shooter games that feature the players seeing the action from the point of view of the game character (first-person point of view). They differ from third-person games in that players have to see the action from behind their character in third-person action. Typically, FPS involves firearms and combat action. 

These games also differ from their light gun shooter counterparts. The two have similarities, in that, they are both played from the perspective of the first-person. However, light gun shooters feature light peripheral ammunitions. On the other hand, FPS players make movement and other game control using conventional input devices. These differences derive from the unity game development and design of first-person shooter games.

Game Design of First-person Shooters

Generally, first-person shooters involve three main elements. There are namely the avatar, enemy forces, and ranges of weapons. Most of the modern FPS games take place in a 3D setting. This makes them more immersive and real than their 2D shooter counterparts. 

Hence, players experience environments, battlefields, sound effects, weathers, and collisions that are closer to the real-life situations of firefights. These games are designed for play on multiple consoles and devices. Usually, these systems could either be computers, mobile phones, or the major gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. 

Power-ups & Combat

Often, the emphasis of first-person shooters is on the action and drilling gameplay. Also, the games feature bloody fighting scenes and fast-paced action. There are some FPS titles that place particular emphasis on logic puzzles, epic narrative, and creative gameplay adjustment for an advance through the game levels. 

However, FPS games go beyond shooting. They also involve melee combat where players must find ways to win in close combat with enemy characters. Overall, players must make effective use of weapons and their surroundings to gain a tactical advantage over enemy forces. In addition, first-person shooters also rely heavily on teamwork, where multiplayer modes help achieve the ultimate objective of each level.