Glossary - Family Games

Family Games are designed for entertainment and fun for the whole family. There are many types of games that fall under this category. Examples include traditional board games, some electronic games, and online family games like Overcooked. Family games provide members of the family, from children to grandparents, with an opportunity to enjoy leisure time together. Also, they serve as an excellent avenue for children to model particular behavioral traits from their parents. Hence, most family games are inexpensive, and traditional versions like board games do not require a power source to play. Some popular examples are chess, checkers, and Monopoly.

History of Family Games

These games can date as far back as the history of civilization. Humanity has found a way to entertain and connect. Since the dawn of time, family games helped facilitate interaction, recreation, and bonding with the family. Therefore, the history of your family becomes even more enjoyable and fun through these very games. In addition, these types of family games help to learn and remember family history. Popular examples of such family history games include Family History Guess Who, Family History Memory, Do You Know Your Sibling?, Family History Shout Out, and Where in the World Family History Game.

Multiplayer Family Games

With current technological advancement, traditional family games have gradually shifted to online games. Hence, whether on your smartphone, video game console or pc, these new multiplayer family games bring people together. Some of these require turn-based play, while others require every player to have their device. Perhaps, one of the best advantages of these games is their ability to connect people irrespective of the distance and space between them. Most of these are intuitive enough for grandpa to participate without much assistance. Some good examples are Words With Friends and Dunkers.