Glossary - Cryengine Game Development

Cryengine game development is the creation of the engine that is developed by the German entertainment company – “Crytek.” The first project of this engine has been Far Cry which was a shooter video game for personal computers. Today, Crytek games are more complex and advance projects in the gaming industry. These video games differ with their closeness to reality. Projects of this game engine give players a real-life atmosphere in the gameplay. We have seen several Cryengine games which have become multi-million projects. This success depends on offering the most suitable product for the players that makes the game them accessible worldwide. 

Some essential features exist for Cryengine game development to develop a perfect project. Firstly, the expectation of players from such games is mostly about the visuality of the game. Companies develop quite successful video games as a result of steadily increasing competition in the gaming industry. But lack of visual details may keep projects away from expected success. In Cryengine games, gameplay almost does not differentiate from real-life physics. Symmetric movements of the sunlight and shadows are perfectly combined with real life. Such harmony of the game with real-life increases the satisfaction level of players, which is an essential goal of app development. 

Another notable feature of Cryengine games is to combine movements of characters with a perfect voice. When the player walks on the grass, fights or crawls, the engine instantly reacts with suitable audio. Long-time experience of the Stallion Gaming Company game development team on Cryengine game development allows developing games for the exact desires of the customer. The company creates a unique team for each project. The project manager regularly contacts the client and gets his impressions. In the end, the project team develops a game that ultimately favors the demand of the client.