Glossary - Construct 2

Construct 2 is a 2D game editor that uses HTML5 for creating games. Scirra Limited developed this program about eight years ago in early 2011. Construct 2 was written with JavaScript and C++ programming languages. It is meant to allow users without a programming background to quickly create games. So, it primarily has a drag-and-drop feature, a behavior-based logic system, and a visual editor that enables users to develop games without much coding. This system of programming games and software in construct 2 goes by the name ‘event sheets.’ Events sheets are similar to the source files of programming languages. 

Additional Features

Every event sheet in Construct 2 accommodates many events with their respective conditional statements. These conditional statements serve as triggers for the various events within the event sheet. As such, for any instance that meets the conditional statement, the game development carries out a particular function or action. Also, there are event logics like AND, OR, and other sub-events. Furthermore, you can deploy the ‘groups’ function to disable or enable multiple events simultaneously. Together, these functions allow you to program sophisticated software without the need to learn any complicated programming languages (e.g., JavaScript, Python). 

Platforms Supported on Construct 2

Construct 2 releases exports primarily on HTML5 platforms. Hence, it checks off on major desktop browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safar 6+, and Internet Explorer. Also, mobile phone browsers like Safari in iOS 6+, Firefox, and Chrome for Android, Tizen, Blackberry 10+, and Windows Phone 8+ support Construct 2 applications. Also, apps and games developed with Construct 2 can export to several online platforms and marketplaces like the Amazon Appstore, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, the Chrome Web Store, Kongregate, and Scirra’s own Arcade. Finally, Construct can develop apps supported on Android and iOS through the use of Cordova.