Glossary - Co-op

Co-op is a feature that gives an opportunity for users to play together in a team in video games. It can even be against virtual rivals. Unlike other multiplayer modes, similar to player versus player, competitive kind of multiplayer or deathmatch players help one another when they need some tools for playing. This can include getting rid of obstacles, passing weapons or items, and many other tools.

It has a single-player mode. This allows other players to join the game. When the additional players join the game, it increases the level of difficulty to compensate for it. This gaming can be operated in local form-like player shares input tools or various controllers. These controllers connect to one console. It gives a chance to the players’ network.

Couch-op and Online Co-op Playing Modes

The games called cooperative are played by several people. It shares the same display screen which is a local co-op, single-player co-op or couch co-op games. Each system that players use is known as an online cooperative multiplayer or network cooperative player. It can accommodate more than one display with other displays that accommodate one or more than one player.

Management of resources

The characteristic feature of the cooperative games is that it enables them to share the playing tools among several players. If two players play one game against Artificial Intelligence, the game programmers try to provide both of them with the same collection of resources. 

The Second Player

It changes from game to game for the second player to take a role in the video or other types of online co-op games. The second player gets an opportunity to guide and support the first player. The second player has the same chances and tools as the first player.