Glossary - Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is an online video gaming played on remote servers. In other words, It's a way of playing a video game remotely from a cloud. Instead of downloading a video game onto a hardware device like smartphones, console, or computer, cloud gaming depends on the internet to deliver the same quality experience to players. It means that the cloud game does not rely on a console's or smartphone's internal hardware for the game to function.

However, it requires a fast internet speed to have a good gaming experience. For areas or countries with slow internet connections, they'll not experience the full functionality of the game. But developed countries like Japan are already experiencing rapid growth in cloud gaming.

Most cloud gambling requires a paid subscription either on a monthly or yearly basis to have access to video games. When players subscribe, they can access the game on any cloud gambling service app. The cloud servers consist of high-end PC components, which allows players to play on high resolutions.

There's no need for players worrying about upgrading their hardware frequently. The cloud gaming service continuously updates its hardware. Since saved games are stored on the cloud, players can switch from their mobile phone to their console or from their PC to their phone and still have access to the same settings.

Even though cloud gaming services are compatible with smartphones, they can also function perfectly with traditional game controllers.

In recent years, cloud gambling has become part of the exciting innovations to hit the video game industry. Groundbreaking innovations continue to pave the way for new trends, and cloud gambling is one of them. But it's still in its early stages.

The cloud gaming is expensive, and the idea of moving from consoles to serves has latency issues. Most countries do not have a high-speed internet connection for players to enjoy the online gaming experience. But the future looks promising for cloud gaming.