Glossary - Character Creation

Character creation involves combining art and mechanics to develop a game character. This process usually has three different steps, including the lore, art, and technicalities. Each stage should be related to another to create stunning characters.

Elements of Character Creation

The first is the lore of character. In this stage, the creator needs to describe the nature, abilities, appearance of the figure. The next step is art. It is helpful to choose a reference for character design to define its attributes and pose correctly. For instance, Greek Gods can be good references for characters with enormous power and strength. Lastly, the mechanics of the process matter considerably. Finding a great idea and describing art only appeals to the eyes. If a character does not move or fight properly, it is worthless. Hence, in this stage, focusing on interaction and ability features is essential. 

Tools to Develop Characters

With the increased popularity of strategy and role-playing games, the need for character creation boosted. In modern games, players can observe more real life-like figures but with superior abilities. To build mind-blowing characters, designers need to have skills in the latest tools and software. MakeHuman or Blender is some examples of popular character creation platforms. Though this process is complex, some tools do not require an extensive learning curve. An enthusiast who starts developing characters can also find free, open-source software

Tips for Creators

While character creation became popular, there emerged a multitude of new characters that are similar to each other. Finding a unique idea can be challenging. Hence, it is better to use references or analyze other’s works. However, this does not mean that copying other characters is a good strategy. Try to find a unique point and use it as a base point for further development.