Glossary - Casual Games

Casual games are video games aimed towards a wide range of players instead of specific gamers. Many hardcore players use the word “casual” to describe a gamer who does not spend committed time to play a video game.

Social games refer to video games that players play on an online social network through their mobile phones or other devices. Interestingly, any game that depends on an online network user to function can be social. Social games can be mobile games. But not every mobile game is a social game.

Players can find mobile games on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. They are usually more complex than social games, but has limitations compared to console or PC games. Also, mobile games generally require touch screen technology to make gaming possible.

When the mobile game and the social game are combined, they form casual games. In another definition, casual games refer to the duration of gameplay.

Unlike hardcore games that require about 50 hours of gameplay, casual video games need only a few minutes to complete a mission. However, players can play the game for a longer time. But these games have timed sessions. That means, players can have limited time to play before they can play the game again.

Features in a Casual Game

Casual video games have several different features that distinguish them from other hardcore games. They are mostly online-based games and generally found on smartphones or personal computers. Players don’t have to learn anything to play. In other words, there’s no long learning period.

In most casual video games, few controls control most of the gameplay. Usually, it does not require a long time to reach the final stage of the video game, unlike most hardcore games. Casual video games:

  • Tend to have simple rules and short game sessions.

  • Have a user interface simple to use

  • Generally are less costly than hardcore games

Today, there are significant cultural shifts that are happening in video games. Casual games are continually evolving as technology improves. Over the decade, there’s been a high explosion of technologies and allowed games, including casual video games, to penetrate all sectors of the game market.