Glossary - Bonus Stage

Bonus Stage is a special area or a level in a video game designed to award gamers in the return of completing additional challenges. These areas allow users to collect power-ups and extra points. Bonus levels are used to be a general staple in each console game.

Several Features of Bonus Stage 

  1. Bonus stages are usually hidden, or they claim a number of pickups or a particular level of performance. However, in some video game designs, bonus areas always seem at set points. 

  2. These specific areas offer players some opportunities to gain a large number of points, power-ups, one-ups, continues, and even chaos emeralds.

  3. Bonus level is sort of a mini-game. It significantly differs from a normal gameplay. 

  4. Users can see a bonus stage at points inside a regular level, or after the end of a level.

Stage Bonus in Different Video Games

  1. In the original video game Super Mario Bros, players can find secret bonus areas while climbing up vines or going down certain pipes.

  2. Star Trek Elite Force 2 has a bonus stage, which is similar to the bonus areas of Super Mario Bros. However, here users have to go dropdown more gigantic pipes to get bonuses.

  3. There are various secret music boxes In Milon's Secret Castle video game that transfer Milon to a place where he can gather up musical notes to earn cash.

  4. Collecting the "Swirly Q"s and entering a specific exit at the end of the video game will let the gamers access the various bonus rooms In Skullmonkeys video game.

  5. In Ristar, each level includes a hidden entrance to a bonus area. In this entrance, users must complete a duty in a short time to get an exclusive item. Collecting adequate bonuses will unlock passwords that will allow the players to be able to enter and to modify aspects of gameplay.