Glossary - Beta Release

A beta release refers to the stage of the product release cycle when a software/application is initially tested. This is primarily because it has not been tested enough for official release. Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet, and it indicates the second stage of the testing process in app development. Beta release stage held after the pre-alpha and alpha release stages. When the application or software has complete features despite developers face some known and unknown errors, they switch to the beta release part. The main objective of this phase is to make sure that the company has a fully functioning demo version of an application or software. The beta release is the second round of feedback sessions, and in those part developers usually, analyze the user’s feedback regarding their modifications. After that, they improve the existing functionalities of the software and try to make it ready for the final release stage. 

Why it is important for developers?

Developers capture new ideas in this stage that they can include, implement on the software or application in later times. They focus on resolving any bugs or errors that decrease the performance and speed of the software/application. The process in which developers worked on the original alpha software and delivered it for further testing is called beta release. The beta release of the software/application can be both private and public. The factor that affects the process is whether or not software available for all or only to specific audiences. 

Prereview stage - Beta Release

Some of the developers call this phase of release as a preview, prototype, technical preview, and more. For example, in the introduction phase of the Windows eight, rather than beta release, Microsoft chose to address that pre-release software as a preview. Beta testers can be ordinary people, of the specific audience that has an interest in that application /software. The incentive for them to test and see the products is that those people offered discounts on new release versions of the software or receive it for free after checking.