Glossary - Avatar

An avatar is an icon, image, or figure which represents a person in a game, website and other social platforms. It helps to get differentiate users by the images. Usually, there are two kinds of avatars: unique and standard. In Netflix, for example, users may choose from a selection of avatars. Those images are taken from the movies or show that Netflix offers, allowing the users to customize their profiles based on their favorite characters.

The same goes for video games too. Multiplayer game developers usually allow users to choose among standard images or upload their unique pictures so their friends can easily identify them.

How to Upload Avatars in Video Games

Uploading or choosing avatars in multiplayer video games is usually done by logging into the community profile and selecting ‘choose image’ in the upload section. For example, in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there isn’t an option to choose images while gaming. The only way to select is to log in to the Steam profile and edit it from there.

Avatars in Marketing

Before promoting a product, or reaching out to customers, it is vital to research their needs. Moreover, to learn about what the marketers sell is also crucial for the customers. Therefore, it is essential to provide certain information about it. In case if the online business owner wants to make a success, it is mandatory to create an Avatar which depicts all the facts that customers might find interesting.