Glossary - Animation and Design

Animation and design are two essential aspects of the video game creation process. Design is a decorative pattern while animation refers to the process of making pictures to move and act. Animation and design require the creation of images, special effects that are related to movies, tv shows, web sites, and video games. Animation and design are a major part of interface design since the dawn of time. Video game design is a separate field that focuses on interactive sides of animations, which only associating in video games. All of these types as a whole creates the computer animation field. Video game animation is the combination of animated images, objects, and environments for particular video games. 

The field requires more than just animator skills. For example, to create video game animation, you need to have specific skills. Those skills are a traditional computer, electronic, animation techniques, storyline creation, etc. The skills such as texture, lighting, and movement mainly appeal to movie production. However, in video game animation, animators need all of these skills for designing great games. To develop games, you need to have both Animation and design. Video game design is the process of creating content as well as rules of the game in pre-production stages. Though, it covers many aspects such as gameplay, environment, visuals, etc. Video game design is compelling not only to artistic skills but also to writing skills as well. 

Animation and design are two connected fields that are very crucial for developing a video game. In the video game market, they treated both separately and as a whole. Some companies are using different teams for both, and some are just developing in a team-oriented group of animators and designers. Programming should not be confused with the Animation and design field. In the early years of video games, some programmers start developing animations and providing designs. However, as soon as the gaming industry has improved vastly, their jobs became separate from each other.