Glossary - Amazon Lumberyard Game Development

Amazon Lumberyard is a cross-platform engine that was developed by Amazon in the beginning of the new era of game development. Amazon had developed a game engine that can be supported by different platforms. One of these cross-platforms is Amazon Lumberyard game development. It is a free access engine that got a license in 2015. One of the great features of the engine is its integration with different services provided by Amazon. For example, it can integrate with Amazon Web Services. It allows online gamers to deliver their games on the servers of Amazon, and even more, players can make live streams on Twitch. Besides, these engines enable players to join Twitch ChatPlay, where the audience of the player might influence the game.

The first time Amazon Lumberyard game development ran in February of 2016. The purpose of Lumberyard was management, organization, and hosting of multiplayer games for the android game development sector. Particularly, it enabled developers to build a new wave of games that are intended to attract a broad audience of fans. Nowadays, this software acquired beta status. However, developers still use it for building games for Windows, Xbox by Microsoft, Playstation. Also, there are few plans regarding the Android and iOS operating systems.

Amazon Lumberyard starts a new stage in the gaming industry. There are many multiplayer games in the mobile game development sector, which attracts a broad audience, such as PUBG or other shooters. Amazon Lumberyard game development enables gamers to show their skills for a large audience. By showing their skills on live streams such as Twitch or others, gamers have a chance to be famous and acquire fans. Eventually, gaming industries become beneficial because of the famous gamers. The reason for this is that after having an audience, the gamer can help indie game developing companies to advertise a particular video game. Whole industry and all its participants become better off, which guarantees the fast growth of this sector.