Wild West

About The Game

Do you hear about video games that perform in the dry and eerie deserts of Wild West with the sense of claps of thunder and air trembling? If you would like to experience one of these games, we have good news for you. You can enjoy the enigmatic sense of the west lands by playing the online slot called Wild West. The game is processing in the undue lands of the New World after newcomers have landed in the explored continent. Just as real-life, sheriffs of the region try to preserve tranquility and system carefully. However, it is almost impossible to reduce or stabilize the crime rate in the New World. As you have already assumed, most of the people do not prefer to live on these lands. But, it has been the most demanded theme for various films, novels, music and also online video slots. 

The structure of the game based on five reels and three horizontal rows. Moreover, West Wild video game offers players a total of 10 bet lines. Besides these features, game programmers have developed various bonuses, free spins, and wild symbols for the players. We want to remind you that the RTP rate of the game is 96.7% which will bring high revenue to users. Also, online video slot includes medium volatility which decreases the chance of the risk through the betting. 

Aside from that, you will indeed find one the best and high paid symbols of the gambling industry in Wild West slot game. There are two categories of the symbols: high-paid and low-paid ones. Meanwhile, high paid symbols refer to criminals or thieves characters. On the other hand, low paid symbols characterized by various game cards such as Diamonds, Hearts, etc. Thus, not only generous features but also the unique design of the video game will cheer up your gaming universe.