Treasure Jewels

About The Game

Are you ready to hunt for a treasure full of jewels? Gold bars, diamonds, rubies, and many other valuable stones are waiting for you to discover them. 

Treasure Jewels is the slot game that has a rich-theme. The thick green bundles of monies will instantly hypnotize any player entering the game. The best side is that this treasure is not hidden in a mysterious cave with many obstacles to get them. You do not need to risk your life, fall in deadlock, or find an empty box at the end of the journey. This treasure box is easy to discover in Stallion Gaming. All you need to is spin the reels and enjoy the abundance of wealth. 

Treasure Jewels has five reels and nine paylines which you can see on the sides of the screen. The game fits the needs of both newbies and high rollers. Beginners can bet for one line as small as one coin, while high rollers can maximize the bet with 100 currencies. So, the maximum bet for the whole game is 900 as there are nine lines. The advantage of the game that in return of betting 900 points, a gamer can get up to x250 k winning amount. 

The slot game developers added many features to maximize the earning of the players. Firstly, it has only eight symbols. This means that there is a high probability of landing symbol combinations frequently. Secondly, you do not need to land winning combinations only from the right to left direction. Even if a player gets a combination in the middle, he will still gain substantial monetary prizes. Thirdly, a player landing five crowns will hit the highest jackpot. Besides, combination with wild symbols can bring up to x7 multipliers to the winning amount. The online casino game - Treasure Jewels, after all, has a 95% return to player which reflects the high payoffs.