Totally Wild

About The Game

It is an undeniable fact that the gaming industry is evolving through technological advancement over the years. Meanwhile, this development process has brought new and innovative features to the sector. However, some of the particular attributes, especially the themes of the slot games, have not changed principally. There are thousands of themes that game developers use while designing online slots. Some of them have been the favorite of almost all players along the last decades like Totally Wild or 777 Slots. One of them is the jungles and its animals which maintain their popularity properly in the gaming market.

Do you also want to experience the charms of the jungle and wild animals while gaining revenue? The game development team has designed the Totally Wild game similarly to the land-based version of the slot machine. If you have ever played the land-based version, it is time to start jungle adventure in the online universe. You will encounter various wild animals that can top up your wallet rather than scare you. These animals are the main symbols of the video game characterized by monkeys, toucans, jaguars, etc.

The structure of the online slot includes five reels and 20 bet lines. Besides, you can change the quantity of these bet lines before imparting every spin. However, keep in mind that all pay lines should be active during this process. In this way, players will not slip any of the winning combinations. According to the guide of the online video slot, a jaguar symbol will bring the highest amount of jackpot. The total value of this symbol will increase 50x your gain in the Totally Wild slot game. At the same time, jumped monkeys of the online slot will worth up to 37.5x your profit. Along with them, when you see toucans and frogs on the reels, your revenue will rise by 25x.