Spinning Reels

About The Game

Though modern slot games gained popularity quickly, they have not superseded classic slot games completely. Some people who miss the retro feeling of gambling still enjoy playing traditional slots even in the online environment. Spinning Reels is an example of such slots that offer traditional slot experience with the help of cutting-edge technology.

This slot game has three reels and 20 pay lines. That many paylines are not typical for classic slots. However, this feature makes sure that Spinning Reels stand out among so many competitors. Players are not able to adjust the number of paylines in this game. Instead, they can set the betting amount and then select their betting level. There exist five betting levels in the game. As a result, a gamer will face a minimum of 0.2 credits and a maximum of 100 credits. There is an advantage of betting more in this slot game. If a punter sets 60 or more credits, he will get a free spin on the bonus wheel.

The bonus round of the game includes a spinning reel as the game name suggests. A player can activate this round if he lands three or more scatter symbols. As a result, he will get up to 3 spins and an instant prize. This prize amount can be up to 100k credit per spin, which gives players a chance to hit huge winning.

Besides, there is a progressive jackpot option. Players need to keep in mind that if they land five scatter symbols, the progressive jackpot feature will deactivate. However, as mentioned before, they will get a chance to earn instant prize as high as 100k. Therefore, dropping jackpot is not the end of the game. 

This video slot game called Spinning Reels offers punters a retro gambling experience while it advances classic game with several features. Scatter symbols, bonus rounds, instant prize, and progressive jackpot ensure that the game will attract more players.