Shamrock Keno

About The Game

If you are in the holiday spirit, Shamrock Keno will make you feel right at home with its Irish themed design. The theme of the game is based on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It is no surprise that the color palette of the game is mostly green, and the shamrock icons appear in several places. The bright and jingling coins, together with traditional Fiddle music in the background, take players to a festive mood. The excitement of the game is tantalizing and so much fun that you just don't know when to stop. 

In addition to being engaging, the game has been carefully designed with a number of features. The command board has its place on the right side of the screen. This feature helps players keep the focus on the game more as all the needed navigation buttons, betting options, or relevant info are gathered on the same side. 

How to play Shamrock Keno?

When it comes to game rules, they are fairly simple. There are 80 boxes with numbers on the screen. A player needs to mark ten numbers offered. Next, the player needs to set the betting amount. Like many other online casino games, the keno game too is a chance game. The player has to wait for the game to draw random 20 numbers. If a player is lucky, there will be some numbers that match the ones that the player has chosen. When they match, the shamrock icons will appear on the lucky numbers. What’s more, the earned amount will depend on the number drawn and the wager amount. Also, players can monitor hits, pay rises, total wins, level, or similar information on the table near the numbered boxes.

With its engaging celebratory mood, the game has many fun moments for gamblers. The simple rules of the casino game ensure that Shamrock Keno allows betters to sit back, relax, and earn prizes without much effort.