Ocean Monster

About The Game

Fish is among the healthiest food with its nutritious benefits. It turns out Fish is not only beneficial to your physical health; specifically, it has positive effects on your earnings, too! Besides, fish hunting is quite a thrilling activity. Stallion Gaming in unity game development created a game called Ocean Monster, which offers all those benefits in one set. You hunt various types of sea animals, namely, crabs, turtles, clownfish, sharks, whales, or dragons in a limited time with a particular gun. In return, you will learn plenty of cash prizes that will fill your wallet. Different types of sea animals offer various points. You can also increase the power of your gun to hunt faster; however, you should forgo some of your points. 

Designers of the game paid particular attention to its visuals. Sea animals in bright, catchy colors, together with distinctive water sounds, will take you down to the ocean in pursuit of highly valued prey. The game is also easily managed. You need to throw nets from your supergun and catch different animals. Besides, you can see all the guides on the left side of the screen. There you can monitor your time and watch for your balance. Moreover, below, you can purchase extra time again in return for some payment. If you need help with the game, above you can see the help button which will explain the game in simple words. 

It is worthy of mentioning that Ocean Monster is one of the best examples of unity game development. It was designed with an exquisite taste in visuals and sounds. The game, with its particular gun types and sea animals, will upgrade your hunting and gambling experience. This time sea animals that you love to eat will bring you a lot of earnings while you enjoy the gaming experience.